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D. S. & Durga Coriander 50ml Eau de Parfum


D.S. & Durga is a New York-based perfume house making small batch fragrances.  Taking inspiration from historical accounts, herbal lore and half-remembered legends, these handmade fragrances enjoy a fiercely loyal following worldwide.

With their remarkable longevity and unisex appeal, they can be worn safe in the knowledge that only a handful of people will ever share in the secret of your signature scent.

Inspired by the hills above Odessa, Coriander combines the cool spices and sea breeze of this mythical port city.  Rare leaves, cubeb, green pepper and cracked coriander seed create a fresh, sophisticated air far removed from its herbal namesake.

Top notes - Russian Coriander, Pepper, Juniper Needle
Heart notes - Geranium, Clove Stem, Clary Sage
Base notes - Musk, Magnolia, Mace

Fragrance can only be sent to UK addresses.