Love is a four letter word

Valentine's Day is here once more and I'm sure many of you are thinking about ways to indulge the one you love. Rest assured we have some great suggestions, but first I must make a confession: whisper it, but we don't really go in for the whole Valentine's thing. 

It's definitely not that we're anti-love; it's great that so many people want to show their chosen one how fantastic they are. It's just that we think love is bigger than one arbitrary day of the year, getting stressed-out over whether or not this gift or that meal will hit the mark.  To my mind it's far better to show that you love someone as often as possible, and whenever you feel like it!

Having said all that (and by now I'm probably sounding like a real cupid-killer), it certainly wouldn't do any harm to consider our carefully considered selection of original offerings if you're feeling in the mood for love this month.

Astier de Villatte, maker of decidedly romantic ceramics and fragrance from Paris, has long been a favourite of ours. We can't tell you how many times one of their pieces has been purchased as a special gift. Together with their iconic LOVE plate, created in collaboration with John Derian, one of Astier's candles would make any special someone very happy. Discover our full range here.

For a more modern approach to amour, don't rely on Cupid's arrow, but administer your very own love potion instead.  Created by cult perfumer Geza Schoen to enhance the wearer's natural pheromones, Molecule 01 has become a worldwide phenomenon in the perfume world, a secret closely guarded by those in the know.  It's since been joined by two more highly individual single-ingredient scents, Molecule 02 and Molecule 03, together with Escentric fragrances featuring blends with those same signature molecules at their core.  We're told they can have quite an effect on those falling under their spell!

Or how about a fresh twist on saying it with flowers?  Our charming pressed glass vases transform even the simplest bunch of flowers into an instant arrangement.  They last considerably longer too, for a gift that keeps on giving pleasure.

Finally, it's often said that the way to a loved one's heart is through their stomach (definitely the case for us!), so what better gift than a classic homemade cake?  Served on one of our fabulous cake stands, of course.  

Whatever your plans this 14th Feb, we wish you all a very happy, romance-filled Valentine's Day.

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