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We think of furniture and lighting as the structural elements of any interior scheme, the building blocks that shape the space and how it will be used. Often, they're the pieces worth investing in, the ones to hang onto even if you change the colour scheme or accessories. That's why we offer a range of timeless, versatile pieces that work equally well in contemporary or traditional settings. Of course we're always on the lookout for great-value finds, so rest assured none of them will break the bank.
The Perfect Chair
Our chair-of-the-moment is the classic French chauffeuse. Created to provide a snug perch for keeping warm by fire, it's so versatile, perfect for seating extra guests without anyone feeling short changed. It's the ideal size for bedrooms and fits beautifully into smaller spaces too.

We often use them in pairs, or with a floor lamp and side table to create a reading corner.
With its scrolled back and lack of arms, it accommodates all shapes and ages with ease, making it a truly egalitarian piece. Vive la liberte!
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The Art
of Living

  • A fireplace is a wonderful focal point for any room and it's worth adding one if it's missing
  • Small upholstered chairs are useful for extra guests and don't take up too much room
  • Don't overlook rugs, they're a great way to 'anchor' a sitting area and add extra texture
  • Cushions and throws are a quick and easy way to ring the changes
  • Small side tables within easy reach of every seat are essential for drinks and book
  • Always avoid making the television the focal point of the room
  • Overhead light is seldom needed except in kitchens and bathrooms
  • For sitting and dining rooms, ambient eye-level lighting is far more relaxing
  • Always ensure there's enough light to read by alongside every chair
  • When choosing shades, aim to echo the shape of the base
  • Oversized shades always look better than small ones
  • Better still, buy lamps that come with shades, they're usually carefully chosen to match
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