Spring Trends No.4

In the final part of our spring trends report, we're celebrating the artisan skills of designer-makers, those special people whose one-off creations are made to be loved for a lifetime...

Trend 4: The Handmade Home

When life seems be getting more mass-market and throwaway with each passing year, it’s encouraging to witness the growing popularity of designer-makers creating individual, hand-crafted products that are made to last a lifetime. There’s something unmistakably human about anything made this way – no two pieces are ever the same, and they always bear the marks of their maker. It’s a way to feel connected to the people who make them and a celebration of their skill.

We’re big champions of handmade products and always encourage customers to think in terms of ‘cost over lifetime’. Handmade doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive, it’s about buying better and owning things that give you pleasure each and every time you use them.


Speckleware Serving Bowls & Dishes - from £15

Made for us in a family- owned pottery in Southern Italy, these fantastic serving dishes are hand-finished with their distinctive speckled pattern, giving them an individuality that no machine can match.


Wire Calligraphy - To Order

French artist Valentine Herrenschmidt coaxes simple metal wire into whole sentences using nothing more than her bare hands.  Taking the quotes of famous artists and writers, her inspiring sculptures are the perfect thought for the day.


Les Guimards Stoneware - from £25

Reminiscent of Japanese pottery, this timeless tableware is made in a tiny French village, contrasting the beauty of bare clay with elegant, characterful glazes.

Hopefully our selection has left you feeling inspired to bring a little handmade magic into your home, we'll be bringing you more exclusive new finds this summer so watch this space.

Enjoy the sunshine when it finally arrives,

Neil & Jonathon

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